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Questions for believers.

Why do you believe in God? What is your God doing right now?

How long before Moses did God let his creation ebb and flow?

If God knows all why did he wait so long to figure out a plan of salvation?

According to Genesis God first made man and woman in his image, and he thought it good. Then a few verses later the story has God making man outta dust but then sees his mistake and sees man needs a helper, so he puts Adam to sleep and makes Eve from a rib of Adam.

Why are there two versions of the story? In the first version, man and woman are created equal, but in the second version, woman is subordinate to man. It is like the story changed.

God knew that he messed up, so he gets a do-over with Noah. Why did he not see this mess before it became necessary to drown everyone in the world, innocent children included? Did all get sent to hell, except for Noah and his kin?

Why did sacrificing become necessary? Cain killed Abel because God rejected his sacrifice of plants preferring animals instead. This seems unfair, Cain should not have killed Abel, but God knew he would and could have let him in on the big secret beforehand.

The Bible tells of the sons of Adam as coming from Eve but where did the women come from whom the sons start “knowing”?

The whole story is geared to provide a need for sacrificial offerings to God. If he really is great he needs no sacrifice. The story gets worse with Christians saying you must believe or else spend ETERNITY in hell. This makes a mockery of justice. What is the point of having a God that is more like a man?